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What do you get?

Never danced Solo Jazz or Swing before? This class is made for dancing without a partner, expressing swing rhythms with your own feet, body and soul! There is no responsibility to connect with a partner, but it is essential to develop the connection to your ownslef and how nd move your all body.

In the first class you will be able to dance with easy solo accessible steps and deep musicality. Perfect choice for absolute beginners to start dancing jazz in a fun way without worrying dancing in couple! For the second class is required experienced dancers and you’ll learn how to challenge yourself for performing on big stages with a beautiful choreography previous created.!

What will you discover?

In the first class you’ll discover the fundamentals of swing: feeling the beat, walking with groove and bounce in a proper way. You will also find out music curiosity, body movement bravery, deep connection to your own self and start finding out your favourite jazz music to be able to express through solo jazz dance 🙂

For the second class you’ll discover how to make nice shapes with your arms, legs, feet and soul to master a beautiful choreograpy, with glamorous styling and some eccentric flashy steps. We hope you discover how to dance with a heart of jazz culture and how to explore your sense of play! It’s also a great opportunity to learn the “King” of dances that swept America during the early 1920’s with its fast tempos, dazzling footwork and eccentric moves done to “hot jazz” and ragtime music!

What is Solo Jazz? It is an umbrella of several dance styles without a partner, where you can learn steps and vocabulary of the vernacular jazz tradition movements and syncopated rhythms.
This dance is rooted with African dance traditions developed in America throughout the 20th century and danced to various styles of jazz music. We highly recommend all swing lovers to take this classes and learn how to dance without a partner to become more confident and playful, using lots of footwork variations and body movement in harmony.
Don’t miss the chance to learn this dance with us and join our performance group, for experience dancers! The stage is waiting for you 🙂


Solo Jazz (open level) Solo Charleston (Experienced Dancers)
September week 1 Refreshing your Solo Dancing skills from A to Z Reforcing your Solo Dancing skills from A to Z
week 2 Solo Jazz fundamentals with triples and most popular moves: Fall of the log, box step, allelluias and suzie q’ues Working on balance with turns in triples
week 3 Solo Charleston 20’s fundamentals and most popular moves: twisty feet, cow tails and mummies Let’s get ready to shine and perform to the Golden 20’s! Learning difficult transitions
week 4 Solo Charleston 30’s fundamentals and some popular moves: Turns with Kicks, travelling Charsleton and Shoe Shine Footwork styling variations and changing geography of your favourite moves!
October week 1 Solo Jazz simple choreography with triples, taps and claps! Berlinettes Choreography week 1
week 2 Spicy it up your dancing style with musicality Berlinettes Choreography week 2
week 3 Reverse kicks routine with lots of styling with arms and hands ?? Berlinettes Choreography week 3
week 4 Solo Charleston: exploring the magic world of twisty feet Berlinettes Choreography week 4
November week 1 Improving your Swing Footwork and Rhythm with different types of Swing Music Berlinettes Choreography week 5
week 2 Solo Dancing Posture: let’s create nice drawings and shape your own movements Berlinettes Choreography week 6
week 3 The Golden Twenties! Mini Choreography with Happy Feet classic song 🙂 Berlinettes Choreography week 7
week 4 Squat Charleston: challenge yourself and learn this cool move in different directions! Berlinettes Choreography week 8