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What do you get?

Our classes are designed for dancers of all levels, from absolute beginners to experienced shag dancers. Whether you’re looking to learn the basics or want to perfect your moves, our experienced instructors will help you achieving your goals.

Being a shag dancer means testing your limits and agility, where you enjoy dancing even more because you’ll be able to fly around with your partner at 300bpm! You will be like a Rock Star on the dance floor in local communities or big festivals!

What will you discover?

We’ll show you the happy world of Collegiate Shag and your Shag Finger will wake up and never sleep again. In this dance you learn how to lead/follow comfortably all positions with the classic high hand shake: closed, side by side and open position.

When you reach an advanced level you’ll discover the Ferrari world! You’ll feel like a race car of the dancefloor. In our classes we teach how to control your body, use your inner energy and play around with confidence complex moves like Titanic, Vomit Comet and Camel hops.

Curious? Watch the video!

Welcome to our Collegiate Shag dance classes! If you’re looking for a fun and energetic way to get moving, you’ve come to the right place. Our classes are perfect for anyone who wants to learn an energetic swing dance, meet new people and have a great time.
This dance is originated in the 1930s and has been enjoying a resurgence in popularity in recent years.It’s a high-energy dance with lots of kicks and hops, and it’s perfect for lovers of fast-paced music. You will spend more time in the air than on the floor, smiling, because Shag was made to make people happy and can really change your life!


Col. Shag 1 (Beginners) Col. Shag 2 (Intermediate) Col. Shag 3 (Advanced)
September 07.09.2024 Closed position: Step Hop basic and glidding on the dancefloor withTurns Refreshing your Turns technique. Let’s dive into Pop Turns and make your follower smile Fancy combination of moves like: labyrinth, bunny hops and sailor knot
14.09.2024 Closed position: Shag musicality and breaks. Enjoy the trip with sweethearts and roundabouts Shag musicality and enjoy the ride of being inside of different rhythms Pop Turns from open position into fancy moves or breaks like Shag drags!
21.09.2024 Side by side position: Step Kick basic, travelling with shag sprints and slowing down with fish out of the water Introduction to the most known move: Shag Out (week 1) Make your partner fly on the dancefloor with the powerful move: Shag Out (week 1)
28.09.2024 Tuck Turns from closed to open position! Pass by’s and fancy change paces 🙂 Exploring around Shag Outs proper technique (week 2) Footwork styling variations and changing geography of your favourite move: Shag Out (week 2) into Cannon Ball
October 05.10.2024 Collegiate Kicks or Hesitations? What’s your favourite :)Collegiate Kicks or Hesitations? What’s your favourite 🙂 Introduction to Vomit Comet and make your partner spin with balance Vomit Comet and variations and cool transitions
12.10.2024 Single Shag, Double Shag and Triple Shag. Breaks with double kicks, holds and stomps Cross Kicks in open, closed and side by side position 🙂 Cross Kicks Tripping around the dance floor into barrell rolls
19.10.2024 Reverse kicks and challenge yourself with double kick and run, run. Reverse kicks and surprise your partner with the magic sliding doors Explore your creativity with Reverse Kicks with cool combinations of many different shapes
26.10.2024 Closed to Open position into Sugar Pushes dynamics Sugar Pushes important technique and learn how to control your connection Playing around with sugar rhythms. Let’s get high with CamelHops ??
November 02.11.2024 Closed position into breaks with happy bunny hops Advanced lead-and-follow combinations of fast turns. Pop Turn your follower and make her smile ?? Hesitation Cool Kicks Aways combos and Windmils 🙂
09.11.2024 Trick your partner with Labyrinth ??Trick your partner with Labyrinth ?? Tandem journey with breaks and cool exits streching on 3/4 Tandem world into fancy positions like Peek-A-Boo
16.11.2024 Sailor knot and reverse sailor variations ?? playing with slows and quicks Tandem into cross kicks into hand to hand Tandem world and cool transitions and combinations
23.11.2024 The beginning of the neverending story: the Shag Outs!!! Tandem into Titanic with or without kicks Titanic and working on proper connection and strech
30.11.2024 Enjoy the ride with Reverse kicks and sliding your doors ?? Sliding doors and Mary-Annes into Revolving doors Titanic transitions and cool combinations into shag outs 🙂