What do you get?

In our classes you will learn how to dance expressing different types of Blues, while being able to improvise catching the ideas of your partner, with emotive qualities. Our experienced instructors will guide you through the steps and movements necessary to bring this dynamic dance to life.

We’ll make you feel comfortable oustide of your comfort zone including the asymmetry of movements, the use of bent limbs and torso, and the importance of rhythm and pulse. We also emphasize the importance of dancing behind the beat, which is a key characteristic of the Blues style.

What will you discover?

In our classes you will discover a nice sweet Blues dance posture: the athletic and grounded body posture and movement, characterized by the weight being held on the balls of the feet, the knees bent, the hips pushed back, and the chest forward. You will also find out your own asymmetry and polyphonic look/feel to the body, characterized by an equality of body parts.

No limb or part has precedence, but they all work together both in a simultaneous and serialized fashion. You’ll discover weight shifting moves through various parts of the body; poly-centric. A drawing of the beats, dancing in the space between the beats, pushing and pulling creating a sense of tension both in the body and the body moving through space, while remaining loose and relaxed.

Blues Dance Video

Welcome to our Blues Dancing Classes! If you’re looking for a slow and deep way to move and connect with others, then you’ve come to the right place. Blues dancing is a collection of dances and movements that was created in the African-American/Black community that danced to blues music. This music can trace it’s origins to the American South and Blues dance follow the same lineage.
Various styles grew depending on the music that predominately played in that region. It has its roots in African-American dance, which itself is rooted in sub-Saharan African music traditions and the historical dances brought to the United States by European immigrants.


Blues 1 (Beg/Int) Blues 2 (Int/Adv)
September 04.09.2024 Getting into the Blues – Find your groove – Basic steps – Closed position Polishing up your Blues – Find your Blues aesthetic (grounding & pulse)
11.09.2024 – Adding turns – Blues vocabulary: hip push – Leading versus Inviting into turns – Follow styling: Bringing more flavor to the dance
18.09.2024 – Blues vocabulary: 4 corners – Implement into various Blues styles – Open position – Close Embrace – Counterbody movements
25.09.2024 – Transitions – Call and Response – Turn in Close Embrace – Side-by-Side
October 02.10.2024 – Blues Musicality – Triplets – Catches – Counterbalance – Lounge
09.10.2024 – Shuffle rhythm – Texas Shuffle
16.10.2024 – Blues vocabulary: fishtails – Blues Musicality & Transitions
23.10.2024 – Texas Shuffle – Dips
November 06.11.2024 – James Brown – Chicago Blues
13.11.2024 – Behind the back – Latin Blues
20.11.2024 – Micro-Dip – Solo dance in couple
27.11.2024 – The Mooche – Revision Feel the Blues