Let it Swing

What we do

Fun friendly classes and parties in Berlin 🙂

Join us in our community and learn how to dance in our summer classes, outdoor in he best dance floors of Berlin or at the weekends with amazing workshops. Don’t miss the summer parties and dance the night away with Swing DJs and live music.

If you cannot follow our classes in Berlin, we offer you a rich variety of online tutorials. Find a partner and learn from the comfort of your home.

Don't Miss

Join us at our summer events in the most beautiful open air swing dance floor in Berlin!
Don’t miss our classes before the party on Friday with Lindy Hop and Sunday with Solo Jazz.

New to swing dancing?
Then jump-start your dance journey with our simple “Learn to Dance in a Day” workshop focused on one of the most popular dance styles:
Lindy Hop!

Join us for a full weekend of pure happiness of dancing workshops and parties. Shag’n’Bal is coming soon was made for fast swing lovers and is suitable for all levels from beginners to advanced of Collegiate Shag, Balboa and St.Louis Shag.

Join us

Join our fun, friendly weekly classes. We have a welcoming community with many swing dance styles for all musical tastes. From beginner to advanced, we have dance opportunities for everyone.

Ready to reach your dance goals? We offer a range of weekend workshops throughout the year. At Here you can find the right place for you, from first timer to advanced.

Come dance with us, we love to party and connect with music and people. Here we can dance the night away and show off what we’ve been learning in the classes.


4. Hire us

Let it Swing can entertain your coporate events with swing dance performances, taster classes, and vintage DJs and bands.

Dance Styles


Born in 1930’s Harlem, this is the most famous swing dance and is the core of all the styles we teach. We love Lindy, because everyone smiles while dancing.


Shag is a high energy dance from the late 1930’s and is an energetic, easy to learn dance style that has been really increasing in popularity.


Want high energy with great, feel-good music? Then this original Rock ’n Roll dance from the 1950’s is for you.


4. Blues

Love Blues and want to interpret the music and express your soul? Then this is the dance for you with deep, slower movements and the opportunity to respond with emotional intensity


5. Balboa

This smooth and elegant dance is originated in Southern California in the 1940’s. It’s known by the closer embrace that allows for quick movements when danced to fast music.


6. Solo Jazz

Solo Jazz is a danced without a partner but can also help dancers to express themselves with more body awareness movement when in a couple dance situation.


7. Charleston

We offer two Charleston dance styles: the 20’s style is the one most people think of and the 30’s style which has a lots of kicks. Fun fact: Charleston forms the basis of many modern shuffle dance moves 🙂.


8. St.Louis Shag

St. Louis Shag is one of the most explosive of all the swing dance styles. Ready to take your dancing to the next level? Then this is the right dance for you 🙂

Step-by-Step For All Levels

Got 2 left feet? Start with our 4 week program or learn how to dance in a day workshop.

Are you dancing on the dance floor? Level up your style with new moves, routines and musicality.

Feel pretty confident? Learn more flashy dancing shapes, posture and perfect connection.

4. Professional

Wanna be in our performance or teachers team? We are looking for new people to work with us.
Contact us: contact@letitswing.tv